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Watch INTEGRA ONLUS TV - Albania Live Online. IOTV is the streaming channel of the Association Integrate non-profit organization.

The 'Integra Association was founded in 2003 on the initiative of the current President, Dr. Klodian Cuka with the meeting of the will of a group of people of different ethnic groups, united by their sensitivity to issues surrounding immigration. Cross-association (just because it is made from different ethnic, mono-ethnic and not like most of the associations in place, as well as some local professionals) created as a requirement of the territory and the immigrants themselves, with the principle of uniting without melting, to distinguish without dividing, while remaining united in our diversity, for a fruitful collaboration between the communities themselves and, therefore, between these and the Salento, in order to avoid the phenomenon of segregation, often due to closure of immigrant communities in a common, for several years, is particularly sensitive to immigration issues. The work done so far by the Association has also involved the immigrants of most ethnic groups, making a great contribution to the cultural and social advancement of all componenti.Mission visionLe and aims of the association are as follows: The association has the task of promoting the integration of all immigrants trying to eliminate the latent manifestations of resistance to change of those who apparently takes the other and then disinteressarsene.Sviluppare a series of initiatives, working with multicultural methodologies to increase exchanges, solidarity and integration; Spreading the knowledge of the culture of immigrants dialogical perspective of reciprocity with the cultures of the area, increasing the economic and cultural cooperation between Italy and the respective countries, defend, preserve and promote develop by every means and method of the protection and enhancement of culture and 'art, music and entertainment in all its forms and expressions, including reflections productive, social and economic integration of all cultures in the area ; act as a central meeting and gathering in the name of civic and cultural interests, fulfilling the social function of maturation and growth of human and civil.

If you want to find more informations about INTEGRA ONLUS TV, program guide and shows can be visit on The TV Website. INTEGRA ONLUS TV Stream is not hosted by our site, it is provided by the tv station itself. If you cannot watch INTEGRA ONLUS TV, please leave a message in comment box below!

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