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Watch Xtreme Paintball Barbados TV Live Online. BRA Paintball in Barbados for everyone.

In 15 short years, the sport of paintball has become recognized as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 100 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Whether home-makers or high-school students, professionals or retirees, all paintball players share in common a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit.. Xtreme Paintball Barbados and the Barbados Rifle Association are committed to playing honest, competitive paintball. Part of this process is promoting the sport of paintball, and our sponsors, in a positive light at all times. Through this sport we will help teach younger players integrity, dedication, competitive spirit, teamwork, leadership and hard work; all of which are valuable traits both on and off of the field. Paintball is a perfect outing for corporate team building, getting all of your management and staff, out of their working environment and into the open. Paintball gets everyone working together as a team through planning, motivation, strategy, leadership skills and of course, sheer enjoyment. Paintball can take an average group of people, put them together with common objectives, and the result will be increased output as they minimize their egos and maximize communication and teamwork. As the old saying goes "A TEAM THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER" As an alternative to a round of golf, more and more executives, companies, social groups and individuals find themselves suited in paintball gear. Paintball offers far more than physical exercise of the mind in regards to strategy, survival and success. The sense of camaraderie that usually occurs in team sports is magnified in Paintball due to the reliance on each other for metaphorical survival. This bonding element is very real, and many large corporations have taken advantage of this by involving their management teams in Paintball, e.g. Cable and Wireless, Offshore Banks, Diamonds International and Sagicor just to name a few. By bringing people together from all departments and levels of any business, and promoting them to work together to achieve common goals recreationally, it becomes easier for them to achieve their goals in their work environment. Welcome to Barbados Rifle Association Paintball.

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